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The Church of St. Catherine in Deggendorf is a great example of Baroque architecture

Day 11: Nov 26, 2017 – Deggendorf & the Bavarian Countryside

Today is a little bit of everything. We start by docking in the tiny town of Deggendorf. Seen from afar, Deggendorf is dominated by the Baroque towers of the two churches, as well as the medieval tower of its City Hall which was built in 1380 and rises up some 175 feet. When you get closer up, well, the town is still dominated by these things. Other than a few cafes and restaurants and maybe a few shops, there is not much else here. Since it’s a Sunday morning when we dock, there is nothing open. But the good news is since it’s a Sunday morning, when we get to the Church of St. Catherine, we make it for the beginning of a service and get to hear the grand old pipe organ in this cathedral. It’s very peaceful sitting enjoying the sound of the organ and seeing the fine artistry of the church with its splendid ceiling fresco dating from 1763.

Then it’s on to the Bavarian countryside where it looks a lot like central Pennsylvania farmland where we grew up. The roads are narrow and the trees are bare of leaves at this time of year but the grass is very green as we drive toward Passau. We go to the overview high above town on the opposite side of the river and as we are standing there enjoying the view, it begins to snow… and I do mean SNOW. It’s coming down fast and furiously, but we are all loving it. It’s certainly going to feel like Christmas is coming.

After we return to ship which is now in Vilshofen, we sail on down the Danube river and dock for the night in Passau.