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Phil & Carol in the Christmas Markets in Bamberg, Germany

Day 8: Nov 23, 2017 – Bamberg and the Christmas Markets

YEAH… It’s time for our first Christmas Market today. In fact today is the opening day for the Bamberg Christmas Market so we definitely want to spend some time there.

But first I should tell you something about the city. Bamberg was established in 1007 AD and it embarked on some very ambitious building projects. Soon it was being called the ‘German Rome’ and ‘the city on the seven hills’, not withstanding the fact that it only had six hills. But no problem. They just gave one of the hills two names, so then they had seven hills. Now Bamberg did not have significant industry so was relatively untouched in WWII. Thus its Old City can boast an architectural heritage spanning a whole millennium. No wonder that all of it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has the required cathedral and rathaus (or town hall), but also all kinds of shops, pubs, breweries and now, of course, the Christmas Markets.

The Christmas Markets in all of these German towns and cities are typically located in the various squares around town and have a variety of local goods ranging from local foods to Gluehwein (hot, spiced wine) to craft items to hand knits goods to Christmas ornaments to… well, you get the idea. You can spend many hours in these markets. And the best of it is the atmosphere. All the locals come out to meet their friends, have a bite to eat and drink wine.

So, another day is gone and we’ve spent it with good friends having a good time. What could be better?