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Walking the Old Stone Bridge into town

Day 7: Nov 22, 2017 – Wurzburg – A Quaint Old City on the River Main

Today we dock at noon and venture into Wurzburg on a SWAT – (Swartz Wandering Aimlessly Tour). This means we have no set agenda, just wander into town and see what happens. Since we didn’t take time to eat lunch aboard, our first stop in the city square at a walk-up kiosk for some sausages & fries. (Here you pay a deposit on the ceramic dish they put the fries in and then collect the deposit when you turn your dish back in.) There are a variety of sausages available.   Some of us get beef, some sausage, but I go all-out and get the big, fat beef sausage infused with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Ymmmm.

Then it’s off for some shopping and sightseeing. The girls are impressed with the various stores available here—everything from small shops to six-story department stores, so we investigate and pick up a few things.

Now from many places around town you can look up and see the Marienberg Fortress high situated high over the west bank of the river. In the USA we think of anything from the 1800’s as being OLD, but here in Europe something isn’t old unless it was built at least a thousand years ago. In this case, the first mention of the fortress that we know of dates back to 704 – that’s over 1300 years ago!