Day 6: Nov 21, 2017 – Miltenberg and the Peeing Men

I neglected to mention yesterday that we left the Rhine river and headed up the Main River through the heart of Germany. While the Rhine is mainly a North-South river (flowing North incidentally) and serves as the border between France and Germany for much of its length, the Main is an East-West river that heads deep into the heart of Germany. We are sailing east toward the mountains that serve as the continental divide in Europe.

IMG_1950 (800x600)

Love these half-timbered houses in town

The first town we visit today is Miltenberg that sits on the Northern bank of the Main river on the edge of the Odenwald Forest. Walking the long main street in town, there are many beautifully preserved half-timbered houses. Due to WWII, there aren’t many towns where you can find preserved houses like these dating back to the 15th to 17th centuries. I remember a few years back walking with friends up to the fortress above the town and being rewarded with great views of the town below, the river and the region on the opposite bank. We had a leisurely lunch and enjoyed the view.

IMG_1968 (800x600)

Three men contribute to the flow of the Main River

As we round the corner near the river, we stop short at an unusual sight – three men standing and peeing into the fountain! Now THAT will stop you dead in your tracks – until you realize that it’s just a statue.

Meanwhile the Crystal Mahler sails further up the river to the town of Wertheim.