The Prince and Princess of Puerto Williams

Suddenly the dusty gray streets came alive with color as the Prince and Princess of Puerto Williams arrived for the 60th birthday party of the Puerto.  With her long, dark hair perfectly braided on one side and punctuated with colorful magenta flowers, the Princess smiled as the tourist “paparazzi” took her picture.  Creamy, soft skin and bright dark eyes gave away her youthful beauty.  We knew she was important because she had the fullest petticoats of all under her dark flowered, wide skirt, authentic Chilean dress.

The Prince dressed in tight, black jeans, white shirt, white shorts, tailored jacket.  Yet, he matched his Princess with a magenta, woven poncho over the top.  His special mark of royalty was his black Gaucho boots to the knee, and, best of all, were his silver, giant spurs.


The festival celebrating the 60th anniversary of Puerto Williams, Chile

Already moving with the Chilean music, loudly blasting the air, the royal couple were ready to dance and promenade with other Chilean women dressed in their finest costumes of colorful dresses in contrast to the dull, windswept houses nearby.

Brightly colored, crocheted squares were hung together on a line of yarn and strung through the trees to make the area, high on a hill above the sea, look festive.  King crab was served all around to the village residents.  Neighbors and friends greeted each other with smiles, kisses on the cheeks and hugs.  It seemed like everyone knew everyone.  It was the youthful exuberance that delighted the scene.


Taking a snooze in the park

Lazy dogs combed the area for crumbs.  A horse wandered through town and ate the bright, sun-shiny dandelions behind the school’s fence.