Tuesday, November 22, 2016: Exploring Santiago…

The school kids were very excited about getting on the funicular up to the zoo on San Cristobal Hill

Today we sleep in a bit to catch up on our sleep and then picked up tickets to the Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing bus.  We used this as our mode of transportation around the city today, but traffic proved to be a challenge for a couple of reasons.  First, the Chinese President/Premier/Emperor/Supreme Begin (or something) was in town, so they were diverting traffic.  Second, there was a downtown protest for higher wages going on, so they were diverting traffic for this also.  Third, there was one red light out on our route with no policeman directing traffic here since, presumably, they were all busy diverting traffic from the previously mentioned items and routing them through this one broken light.  It took us over an hour to get past this point!

Carol & Phil on San Cristobal Hill

One of the highlights was taking the funicular up San Cristobal Hill in Metropolitan Park.  There are some great views of the city from this point almost 3000 feet above sea level.  At the top is also the large statue of the Madonna with outstretched arms – a replica of the one in the Spanish square in Rome, only larger.

We are staying at the Sheraton Hotel in the downtown area and decided to have dinner in the restaurant there. Dwight had lamb shank and the rest of us had to-die-for Salmon.

Today the Fit Bit was charged up, so we knew we got in 17,960 steps even with using the bus.


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